The Importance of Honest Communication From Patients at a Clinic for General Dentistry in Keizer, OR

Many people feel frustrated about their experiences at dental clinics, which can lead them to avoid obtaining the important routine care that helps keep their teeth and gums healthy. Patients must remember how important it is to be honest and to communicate effectively with the practitioners when they have an appointment for General Dentistry in Keizer OR. Dentists and hygienists are unable to be as effective and understanding as possible if they are unaware of the patient’s health issues and other circumstances.

For instance, a patient with sensitive teeth must tell the hygienist and dentist before any cleaning work or treatments are begun. The dental hygienist then can avoid using very cold water on the patient’s teeth while rinsing away debris from the removal of tartar. The dental assistant, who functions as an extra hand for the dentist chairside, also can avoid the use of very cold water during rinsing. These individuals have no way of knowing about sensitive teeth unless the patient informs them.

Some people feel it’s an invasion of privacy to list medications they are taking on a medical history form at a dental clinic, but it’s crucial for the dentists to know about this medication. Some drugs increase the risk of bleeding, for example. Dentists and hygienists both must be prepared for the possibility of more significant bleeding than the norm when any atients having teeth cleaned or a dental treatment procedure conducted.

Communication with practitioners of General Dentistry in Keizer OR is a building block for satisfaction and effective care. Aspiring dentists and hygienists are encouraged during their education to keep the lines of communication open at all times and to truly listen to their patients, who are, in fact, their customers. The same emphasis can be found in professional literature intended to improve the careers of these individuals. And, the advice goes both ways. When a person decides to Contact Riverfront Dental LLC for an appointment, the person should be ready to fill out a medical history form without leaving out relevant details. The person also should tell the practitioners directly any information they should know.