The Advantages of Dental Inlays in Vancouver, WA

People want to do the best they can to take care of their teeth, and this means getting whatever dental procedures are necessary to do so. Some people have to get crowns on their teeth, while others may have lost some teeth and need to get partial dentures or dental implants. Others choose an option known as dental inlays rather than getting crowns, and fillings, and this may actually be better. A dental clinic provides Dental Inlays in Vancouver WA for patients and wants them to know why some think the procedure is a better option.

Why Dental Inlays May Be Better

When a patient looks at getting dental inlays versus getting crowns, the advantage is that the inlays preserve more of the natural teeth, which is always better. Dental inlays will not leave any space between the tooth and the prosthetic covering, which will keep bacteria from getting in the tooth. A person who chooses to get the metal fillings will be at risk of the tooth getting exposed to harmful bacteria. Recovery from getting an inlay procedure is minimal and the tooth with the prosthetic mold can last decades.

More about Dental Inlays

When a patient is being examined for a prosthetic mold, sometimes it may not actually be an inlay that is needed but an onlay. The difference is that the inlay is chosen if only the top part of the tooth is damaged while the onlay is chosen if the damage is also on the sides of the tooth. When getting either procedure, the tooth will be cleaned first so that any other issues may present themselves. If necessary, the dentist can sculpt the prosthetic so it will fit properly.

A Dental Clinic for Inlay Procedures in Vancouver, Washington

Patients in Vancouver, Washington who need an inlay procedure can find available dentists in the Yellow Pages. Lewis Family Dentistry is a dental clinic that provides dental inlays and onlays procedures for patients in Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding areas. If a patient needs Dental Inlays in Vancouver WA, the dental clinic is available and provides more information on the website. You can also connect them on Facebook.