Get Your Teeth Whitened By the Cosmetic Dentist in Grand Prairie TX

Having a beautifully white smile allows individuals to gain confidence in their appearance. Many people are surprised to learn teeth whitening can help minor cosmetic concerns to seem to fade. It is important individuals see the cosmetic dentist in Grand Prairie TX for teeth whitening services. With these services, they can rest assured their teeth will look brilliantly white.

What Happens During Teeth Whitening Treatments?

It is important individuals are aware of the steps that will be taken during the whitening process. Getting whiter teeth first begins with a visit to the cosmetic dentist in Grand Prairie TX. The dentist will first clean the patient’s teeth. Clean teeth are necessary for allowing the whitening agent to penetrate deeply into the dentin. The dentin area is where the stains become trapped and difficult to remove.

The whitening agent may be made up of one of two types of peroxide, including hydrogen peroxide and carbamide. The type used will depend on the level of staining that is present. Once the dentist has decided on the whitening agent, the gums, cheeks, and lips will need to be protected with a special dental damn that is meant to keep the lips spread apart so the teeth can be treated without causing sensitivity to sensitive parts of the mouth.

The whitening agent is carefully applied to the teeth and a special activator light is then used. This light helps to activate the whitening material so it is able to penetrate deeply into the teeth. With the light in place, individuals will be able to achieve a much brighter white, though more than one treatment may be needed.

How Long Does Whitening Last?

When a person reaches their desired tooth shade, they can expect the results will typically last up to two years, depending on how well they care for their teeth. There are certain foods that are known to cause staining more than others and brushing after meals is important.

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