Why Consider the Transcreener GTPase Assay?

A GTPase is a family of hydrolase enzymes. They will “bind and hydrolyze” GTP, which is guanosine triphosphate. Those who are working in the lab and who are on the search for quality GTP assays will want to consider using the Transcreener GTPase assay, as it can offer a range of benefits. This GTPase assay kit will measure the amount of GDP that is being produced in vitro during a GTPase reaction.

The Benefits of the Transcreener GTPase Assay

With this type of assay, you will be able to measure the guanine nucleotide exchange factor activity easily. It can also allow for the measurement of GTPase activating proteins activity. This is a tunable kit that offers a large dynamic range, allowing users to match their target. The unit is also quite easy to use and read.

What Readouts Are Available?

You will find that the GTPase assay kit can offer three available fluorescent readouts. This includes fluorescence polarization, or FP, fluorescence intensity, or FI, and time-resolved Forster-resonance-energy-transfer, also known as TR-FRET.

How do you know which of the readouts to choose? The FP option can provide you with the best deck and signal stability, and this is a very common choice. In fact, it tends to be used in many large screens.

The positive FI signal is a GTPase assay that will work with simple fluorescence plate readers. One of the main advantages of using this type of detection is because of the read time. You will find that it is going to be faster than either the FP or the TR-FRET options.

One of the advantages of the TR-FRET over the other options is that they can be formatted to use limiting receptor and excessive tracer concentrations. This is something the FP assays cannot do.

Find the Best Options Today

If you are interested in this or other GTPase activity assays, you are going to want to look at the offerings available from BellBrook Labs. There are a range of options available that could work well for your needs, including custom options for those who may need them. Always be sure that you know your requirements and the parameters of any GTPase activity assays that you might be considering. Take the time to be sure you are choosing the right kits for your needs, whatever they might be.

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