Why Any Local Realtor Listing in Jersey City, NJ Can Be Shown by Any Local Real Estate Agent

Many years ago, people wanting to buy a house might have needed to work with more than one real estate agent if they wanted to view several properties. A specific Realtor Listing in Jersey City NJ was not shared among agents, for the most part. A representative of a different agency could not show that property to interested consumers.

How It Works

With today’s multiple listing services, prospective home buyers now can choose any Realtor Listing in Jersey City NJ and have any agent show it to them. The one caveat is that the agent must be a member of the region’s MLS database, but it’s essentially unheard of for agents not to participate. It’s true that a person connected with one real estate company may have to share commissions with agents in other companies. However, this person also has the advantage of being able to sell properties not listed with his or her specific agency.

Advantages for Buyers

The advantages for the buyers are twofold. They can build a professional relationship with one real estate agent while also being able to see any property they want to in a database such as New Jersey’s MLS Guide. This is generally considered the proper etiquette when searching for a house since an agent puts in substantial time reviewing possibilities that fit the customers’ preferences. Visit our website to get started viewing listings.


There are two main exceptions to the guideline of sticking with one agent. The first is when it becomes obvious an agent is not putting forth the effort required to help the customers find their new home. If a couple drives around a city and sees their perfect house with an agency’s “for sale” sign in front, but their agent has never told them about it, this is a problem.

The second is when the prospective buyers are looking in more than one region. The full MLS is compromised of hundreds of smaller databases, and an agent cannot feasibly represent all of them. A person who is considering moving to either Jersey City or Philadelphia may need to have an agent for each location.