Show Your Employee Appreciation with a Catered Meal

So you’ve been pushing your employees to meet tight deadlines and have been pleasantly surprised by all of the hard work they put in for the quarter. A great way to show your appreciation for their efforts is to bring them assorted sandwich trays or meat and cheese samplers. They can enjoy it for lunch or as a small snack throughout the day. Business catering for companies in the Center City, Philadelphia area is a great for company picnics, working lunches, team building events, corporate events, employee ceremonies and holiday celebrations.

How to Get Started with an Office Luncheon

Your employees work hard every day and it’s always nice to show just how much you value their efforts, by providing them with a fresh and delicious catered meals to reward their efforts. As any successful business trying to stay ahead of your competition, you need to be sure these events are cost effective. Going out and eating meals away from the office is impossible in most cases. The best way to remain productive while still enjoying some casual time with your corporate family is through catered meals. First, you should pick a caterer in the City Center Philadelphia area that offer an assortment of fresh and ready-to-eat meals at affordable prices. Waterfront Gourmet specializes in a variety of deli-style trays that provide a nice mix of food for every palette.

Viewing the Menu and Making Your Choices

Don’t be surprised if you’re having trouble picking items from a catering menu and have to make the tough decision of what to order for your office luncheon. Waterfront Gourmet can provide the simplicity of a mixed cheese and cracker tray or a more filling option of assorted club sandwiches and hoagie trays. Be sure to keep your vegetarian guests in mind by also providing a well-displayed vegetable, salad or fresh fruit tray. No matter what you choose for your event, you can rest assured knowing every ingredient will be fresh. Everything will be prepared and delivered to your business on time, so that you can focus on mingling and entertaining. Showing your employees that you really appreciate their hard work will encourage them to continue putting forth the same effort, if not more, in the future. Overall this act can promote growth and help your company thrive.