The Best Starch Additives

When making the corrugated material, the adhesive is a huge part of the process and the finished product. Adhesive can affect the strength, durability, cost, and environmental impact of the corrugated material. It also needs to be able to function in a wide variety of temperatures and be stored for a long time while maintaining stability.

With this in mind, mixing the right adhesive for making corrugated is of paramount importance, and choosing the right starch additives is a key decision in the process. While there are many to choose from, three, in particular, RapidBond RB-SRA, RBA, and RBR-P, are worth a closer look.

RB-SRA – Starch Reduction Additive

RapidBond, Inc™ RB-SRA is an additive that focuses on starch reduction, and it does so to the tune of about 35 percent, thus lowering costs. It requires fewer solids for use while still maintaining a goods adhesive bond and a safe environmental impact. It even works on some substrates that have proven to be challenging for some adhesives. This additive can also be combined with the additive WRA to provide enhanced water resistance. This FDA approved additive is very stable, and it has the added advantages of eliminating the dry and brittle board and reducing warped board.

RBA – Thickener

Among starch additives, thickeners are always useful, and RapidBond, Inc.™ RBA is a good water-soluble thickener. It increases both the viscosity stability and viscosity building rate of the adhesive, which in turn can provide a more effective green bond and final adhesive bond on a corrugated board surface. This can lead to higher machine speeds, as well. This additive can provide excellent water resistance and good pin adhesion, as well, while still provide economical formulations.

RBR-P – Waterproofing Additive

Waterproofing is another common function of starch additives, and RapidBond, Inc.™ RBR-P provides this function well. It is a ketone formaldehyde resin blend that has shown excellent performance properties for corrugating. This versatile additive has been shown to improve we strength, increase corrugator speeds and improve bond on difficult substrates. Other benefits include a very good consistency, low volatile organic content and increased pin adhesion and fiber tear. It also tends to provide very economical formulations.

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