Surviving a Night on the Town

What an older, more mature adult enjoys may vary from what young adults enjoy. Young adults may enjoy visiting a loud cocktail bar while mature adults typically enjoy a cocktail bar, which is a bit more laid back. In either instance, both would need to act responsibly. When you’re planning a night on the town, there are some things you should consider beforehand.

To Drive or Not to Drive

How you will get to your evening destination is extremely important. You should decide beforehand, who will drive. This usually means that the designated driver does not drink alcohol or will elect not to drink alcohol on this occasion. If everyone in your party is planning on drinking, consider hiring a car service. There are plenty to choose from nowadays. This is often the preferred mode of transportation, especially when drinking will be involved. Many cocktail bars will even arrange transportation on your behalf. However, it is always best to make these arrangements prior to leaving for the evening.

Proceed with Caution

If you are going out for a girl’s night out, you may need to pay more than the usual attention to your surroundings. Some people think simply because they are going to an upscale, nice area, they can let their guard down. This is not true. You can find a predator in any social setting, regardless of where it is. They simply blend in. Some frequent bars and nightclubs, looking for vulnerable women. When traveling as a group, always be aware of who is around you. If someone continues to invade your personal space, take your leave. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable. If the problem continues, you and your group may select another place to hang out. Use extreme caution when walking back to your car. In fact, if there is security, you can ask them to escort you to your car or watch you as you get in your car. You can never be too cautious.

Pay Attention to Parking

If you have decided to go out and you have driven, make sure you are in a safe parking environment. Make sure the parking lot is well lit. If it is not, continue driving until you find one that is. If there is valet parking, this option is always best. It is also a much safer alternative to parking in an unsafe parking lot.

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