Borneo Holidays Offer Adventure Seekers a Unique Way to Escape

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Holiday suites, Holiday Villas, Hotels, Travel

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Have you ever been to Borneo? If not, you are in for a travel treat. You can choose from eco-tour packages that enable you to see wildlife in the rainforest. Borneo, which is in the very southwest section of the Pacific, is the third-largest island in the world. Only Greenland and New Guinea are larger.

Some Facts about the Island

The large island covers about 285,000 square miles. The highest peak on the island is Mt. Kinabalu, which stands at an elevation of 13,455 feet tall. The best time to see Borneo is outside the rainy season, which takes place from October to March. Because of the abundant rainfall, Borneo holidays enable tourists to see a diversity of plants.

Looking for Orangutans

When selecting from an eco-tour package, make sure that you check out the physical requirements. Some tour outings are a bit more strenuous. One of the easy treks involves searching for orangutans in the rainforest. Guests can enjoy three nights in a rainforest lodge while they seek out wildlife during the day. This is one of those Borneo holidays that is ideal for someone who has not previously been on this type of excursion.

A Best-Selling Package

One of the best-selling tour packages features a six-day and five-night stay in a rainforest lodge. Guests on this jaunt traipse through the jungle in search of the six major wild animals in Borneo: the pygmy elephant, monkey, orangutan, proboscis monkey, rhinoceros hornbill, and crocodile. This award-winning package includes a free night cruise as well.

Therefore, when choosing from packages for Borneo holidays make sure that you review all the details about the tour. You also want to separate the tours categorically to short-list your choices. For example, you can select from adventure tours, birding packages, cultural tours, diving tours, historical excursions, and family-oriented tours. Wildlife tours and nature tours are also part of the regular array of offerings.

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