Importance of Dead Tree Removal in Marietta, GA

Healthy trees are an excellent asset to any property, and the shade and wind protection they give is a great way to save on energy. However, if your tree dies, you may not only lose these benefits, but you may also face several safety concerns instead.

Regardless of how it died, getting your tree removed should be a top priority. If you currently utilize tree trimming services, they may be able to help you with dead tree removal in Marietta GA. Here are some important reasons you should remove it sooner rather than later.

Spreading Infections

If your tree dies because of a disease, tree removal is required to prevent the illness from spreading to nearby trees. A yellowish hue, patchy leaves, withering, swelling, and cankers are all common symptoms of infection. If you observe any of these symptoms, have the tree removed to ensure that no other trees in the area get infected.


The most important reason for dead tree removal in Marietta, GA, is safety. Because dead trees are weaker and more prone to cracking or uprooting during a storm or severe winds, they can be a major safety hazard. This might cause damage to your home, your neighbors’ homes, your automobile, and even family members, depending on where your tree is positioned. If your tree is huge, the threat might be amplified.

Pest Infestations

Mosquitoes, beetles, fly larvae, wasps, and some other pests all choose to make their nests in dead trees. These insects can undermine the wood, but they can also get inside your home if you aren’t careful. To avoid dealing with an infestation, get a tree removed as soon as possible.