When to See a Chiropractor for Back Pain in Marietta, GA

Accepting that chiropractic therapy is necessary and scheduling the initial session is significantly more challenging for many people with lower back pain than following through with consistent treatment over time. Many people prefer massage therapy over chiropractic care because it appears to be more soothing and suggests that the issue causing their back pain is less severe. Still, massage therapy alone may not be adequate.

Others merely tolerate the agony until it gets overwhelming and confronting the issue becomes impossible. Here are a few indications that it may be time to visit a chiropractor for back pain in Marietta GA.

Signs of a Pinched Nerve

Nerve pain is usually acute and might be made worse by specific movements. Many people also suffer numbness, while others feel as though needles are prickling their skin from within. Because nerves pass from the lower spine to the legs, discomfort or numbness in the legs or feet is possible.
Chiropractic therapy is generally successful since the nerve is frequently constricted by bone or other hard tissue. A chiropractor will determine the source of the pinched nerve and seek to realign the interfering bone, relieve muscular tension, and generally adjust the body so the nerve can operate normally.

Other Treatments Failed

Many individuals visit a chiropractor for back pain in Marietta, GA, after failing to get relief from other types of therapy. Other therapies may provide some pain relief, but they are still in enough agony to interfere with their daily lives. This does not imply that patients must abandon all other treatments to work with a chiropractor, as combining treatments makes for a well-rounded plan.