Types of Medical Mobile Units Available and How They Are Used

by | May 21, 2014 | Travel

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There are many types of medical mobile units and each does its own thing. You can help a lot of people by having one of these vehicles. Types available include blood collection vehicles, health screens, mammography and more.

Blood Collection

Collecting blood is crucial. Blood must be tested on a regular basis for many people. If people don’t have their blood checked, disease could run rampant in the body and problems like high blood pressure and diabetes could get out of control.

Having a mobile unit can be just like your office. You will have an intake area and waiting room, just like normal. You will also have a lab area, exam room and even a restroom. If you don’t want something large enough for all of those things, you could also double up on areas. For example, the waiting room could also double as the intake room.

You will have a place for all your medical equipment, as well. This allows you to take good care of patients, both in the office and in the mobile unit. Whether you want a specialized unit made to your specifications or want one pre-designed, you will be able to find what you want.

Health Screen Vans

Health screenings are incredibly important. You can have one van that handles many types of screenings or use one medical unit for one specific screening process. Types of screens available include skin cancer, strokes, heart disease, COPD screening, cancer screenings, high blood pressure, osteoporosis screenings and so many more.

Most people refused to go to their doctor and have these potentially life-saving screenings, but many are willing to go to a mobile screening unit that offers either free or reduced price screens. This can be a great marketing tool for you. Provide a free screening with excellent service and get new patients.

Of course, you may not need new patients or may not receive any, but it can still be a beneficial program and you would be doing good in your community. If you want your business to be perceived as a company that cares, this can be a great approach.

Mammography Vans

Mammography screenings are imperative and life saving. However, many hospitals and doctor offices can’t offer these screenings. To purchase a mobile mammography van will help you provide these screenings to others, making them healthier and spot risks sooner.

Medical mobile units can provide many great services that most people won’t have done otherwise. Go online today and visit Mobile Specialty Vehicles to learn more.

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