The Best Lodging in Brown County IN

Have you had a long tiresome year, and you are thinking about a vacation? Well, Indiana is one of the best greatest places that you can spend a vacation. Main attractions such as the picturesque Indianapolis skyline, the Indiana beach amusement park, state park, the charming Amish acres and national lakeshore are to be found here. However, to enjoy all this beauty, you need to get comfortable vacation rentals. Here are some reasons why Moondance Vacation homes provide the best lodging in Brown County IN.

Spacious, well furnished rooms

The main reason why people go on vacation is to get away from the hassles of day-to-day life. It is therefore important to get a vacation rental that is both comfortable and spacious. The rentals that are provided by Moondance vary in size. You have to choose the best size depending on the number of people that are going to be sharing the rental. The rentals are equipped with hot water, space for minor cooking, great bathroom, WiFi, excellent HVAC and cable.

The views

Another thing that vacationers look for in rentals is the view they will get from their suite. No one will want to vacation in a suite that overlooks another buildings wall. Moondance rentals are great because they offer a variety of views that make up the beautiful Brown County. You will get a balcony from where you can stand and watch the whole countryside spread out in front of you.


Most people have to worry about the amount of money the vacation is going to cost them. The best thing about these rentals is that they vary in cost according to size and services provided. You get to choose the most appropriate suit according to your budget and other financial needs. There are no hidden costs in these rentals and what you see is simply what you will get and pay for.