The Benefits Of Alder Doors

When shopping for interior and exterior doors there are a few options in wood which tend to be particularly popular. The top wood door companies and custom door design businesses use woods which include mahogany, maple and alder or knotty alder. Alder doors are some of the best options for both interior and exterior doors for more than just a few reasons.

Natural Beauty

There are several different factors to consider in clear alder doors and knotty alder wood. One of the most important for craftsman and consumers alike is the natural beauty of this wood.

In their natural state alder doors can have a variety of different colors. These colors range from a very pale or diffuse yellow and cream color, to a darker red and brown color. The knots are darker brown to almost a black depending on the wood color.

Unique Character

This wood has a pronounced grain unique to each tree. In general, the grain is relatively straight through the wood, but there are small knots or burls throughout the pattern. With knotty alder doors this burling or knotting is more defined and gives a unique look and pattern to each door.

The knots can be large and individual in natural or there can be clusters of smaller knots creating a pattern. They make a perfect addition to a rustic style door adding elegance and natural beauty to a custom designed door.


Depending on the final color desired for alder doors, clear stain, sealant or a colored stain can be used to match with just about every other type of wood used today. This includes walnut, the much darker colors of mahogany as well as the reddish to brown colors of cherry.

With options to stain alder doors to match any décor, they are very versatile with any color, style and home design. Durable, long lasting and designed to be energy efficient, these doors, available in a wide variety of styles, are a great investment while creating a beautiful home.

Keep in mind, mixing and matching alder doors with other types of wood in a home is increasingly more of a trend in luxury and custom homes. By combining different wood grains and colors throughout the home you can accent different design elements and create a very warm and inviting look in any room.

With all the options in colors, styles and designs of Alder doors offered at Nick’s Building Supply, Inc., we know you will find the perfect match for your home.