Four Times to Call Pest Control in Auburn WA

Pest control services are needed regularly by many households, as countless insects and animals find their way into cracks and crevices of homes. Rather than letting a wild animal or poisonous insect stay in the area, causing damage and disease, pest control services need to be called immediately after something is spotted. There are four times to call pest control in Auburn WA that people should watch for.

An Animal or Insect is Spotted Inside the Home

As soon as an animal or insect is found inside the home, that is the number one time to call pest control services. If one creature has made their way inside, chances are more will follow. Pest control will safely remove the insect or animal and let them go at a safe location.

Minor Damage is Found

If minor damage has been found inside the home, and there is no good explanation for how it was caused, it is time for pest control to assess the situation. They will be able to determine whether or not a creature caused the damage, and which one it was. Rodents often chew through wires, while insects eat through wood and wool.

Droppings are Detected

Both animals and insects leave behind droppings that are noticeable. If any droppings are detected within the home, a pest control technician should be notified. They can determine what type of creature left it behind, and look for further signs that they are present in the home. Droppings are often left nearby the area the insect or animal is now calling home.

Unexplained Noise is Heard

Many rodents are nocturnal, staying awake throughout the night. If homeowners hear unexplained noise during the nighttime and they have trouble determining where it is coming from, it may be within the walls or in the attic. Animals often take refuge there. The pest control technician will be able to find the creature based on the description of where the noise is coming from.

Calling pest control in Auburn WA should be done any time these four signs are detected. While some animals are harmless inside the home, others can bring disease and damage. A pest control technician will safely remove any insect or animal from the home so they are no longer a bother.