Tips For Securing An Apartment Located On Your College Campus

As a student who wants to live on your college campus, there are a few options that you have. One is staying in one of the dorm rooms. If you are good at budgeting and staying organized, then staying in one of the University of North Carolina apartments that are available would be an option to consider as well. You can find a few roommates who can assist with the rent and other utilities so that you don’t have to pay for everything on your own.

Private Landlords

There are usually a few private landlords who have apartment complexes available that are a little easier to get into compared to larger complexes. These are often easier to get into if you don’t have as much income as other students or as much credit established as well.


Sometimes, you might need to ask someone in your family or a close friend to cosign for a lease so that you can get an apartment. This would be an option to consider if there are no open dorms available and an apartment is the only option that you have. After making a few payments on time, talk to the apartment manager to see if the person can be taken off of the lease so that you are the only one responsible for the lease.


After being approved for one of the University of North Carolina apartments that are available, consider paying more for your security deposit or your rent for the first month or two so that the complex sees that you’re responsible. The requirements for your income can sometimes be a bit more lenient if you’re willing to pay more money when you sign a lease as well. Your financial aid and loans that you take out can often be used for living expenses as well as any jobs that you do in school.

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