Find The Best Student Housing In Tuscaloosa

Live in a place that has your back. Meets your needs. And delivers on every front. Designed for student life, Lark is just 10 minutes from the University of Alabama campus, on the Crimson Ride shuttle bus.

Student Living

We all know how hectic campus life can be. Studying, getting to class on time, keeping up with assignments, making the most of what you’re learning; it can all be draining. Why should you worry about where you’ll be staying. Lark in the Woods in Tuscaloosa offers off-campus student apartments designed to make your life easier. No more worrying about being in cramped quarters or finding a place to study. Here at Lark in the Woods, our modern student housing provides everything you need to relax in comfort or pull an all-night study session when needed. With our luxurious amenities added in, you and your roommates will find yourselves enjoying this quaint home away from home as the perfect student apartments near the University of Alabama.

The Right Surroundings

The life of a student can be exciting. Making new friends, learning new things and seeing new places can leave your mind reeling. Here at Lark in the Woods, we want to be part of that experience. When not on campus in Tuscaloosa, our student occupants find themselves with the ideal surroundings for making the most out of student life. If the time comes to grill out with friends and talk about the big game coming up, you’re covered. What about taking a dip in the pool to relax? Do you need to use the on-site clubhouse featuring a business center to take care of things on your day off from classes? No worries, we have that covered too. At Lark in the Woods, we have designed our off-campus student apartments near campus to provide the most luxurious surroundings available while keeping with the ease and easy access students prefer. Visit for more information.