Securing Housing in Arizona While You’re a Student in College

Whether you’re just starting your college career or you’re about ready to graduate, you might be looking into other housing options aside from living in a dorm. An apartment is a common solution for many college students and offers the privacy that you need. Here are a few details about how to secure this kind of housing.

Apply Early

Try to complete applications for student housing near ASU as soon as possible. Some complexes might have a waiting list, which means that the names at the top of the list will usually be contacted first. If you’re at the bottom, then you might have to wait a few weeks to a few months before hearing a decision.

Have Your Money Ready

You want to try to have as much money as possible ready when you complete an application for student housing near ASU instead of being approved for housing and then trying to come up with the money that you need. Find out how much utility deposits will be as well as any deposit that will be needed for moving into the apartment as you want to have money for these payments on hand as well.


As soon as you’re approved for housing, you’ll usually be asked to visit the office to sign the necessary documents so that you can begin your lease and move into the unit. If your credit isn’t high enough or you don’t have enough income, then you might need a co-signer, which is something that you should talk about with your parents or any roommates you want to include on the lease.

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