Pointers for Quickly Cleaning Your Student Apartment in Washington

When you have a long list of essential tasks to handle, you must choose what should get completed first. The cleanliness of your apartment may be the last item you plan to check off your list. But, you may change your mind if you cannot find your keys or have unexpected guests arrive. You may run around in a panicked state, picking up some belongings and throwing others away. Yet, if your plan is ineffective, you will not get much accomplished. While cleaning your student apartment, use the below pointers to get it done quickly.


Dust and spills can make the surfaces throughout your apartment seem like a sticky mess. WWU student housing is well-decorated, but you cannot benefit from their beauty if they are not clean. You can restore them to their original grandeur by wiping everything with a disinfectant wipe. Start from the top and work your way down so that any debris will fall to the floor.


You will be surprised how quickly you can make it through each room by just wiping all dirty items down to the ground. With everything littering the floor, you can now use your vacuum to carry it all away. Use the necessary hoses for larger items and then run over the entire floor with the vacuum on its own. Then, your friends can see the perks that come with your WWU student housing, like the granite countertops, high definition television, and modern furniture.

Once you finish cleaning, you can play at the volleyball court or lounge at the fire pit that comes with WWU student housing. Schedule a tour today with Lark Bellingham.