Nightlife at St. Pete’s Beach

by | Oct 8, 2013 | Hotels

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Year round sunshine at St. Petersburg makes St. Pete’s beach an ideal location to visit during the holidays. But the common perception that this beach is all about day life couldn’t be farther from the truth. The nightlife at this place is also quite hip and happening. There is a lot for the tourists as well as for locals to do at the beach.

Woody’s Waterfront Bar

Famous for its scenic views and breathtaking beauty, the beach has everything to meet your entertainment and social needs. Woody’s Waterfront bar is one of the highly visited places during night time at this beach. This place is a favorite among locals, as well as tourists. A family restaurant for the locals, while a bar for the visitors; the place has it all to excite all those who visit it. Just relax, sitting at the restaurant, chatting and laughing with friends and enjoying the light sea breeze that ruffles your hair.


This popular destination at the beach is full of life during the night. You can just hang out with friends, enjoying a game of billiards, or simply have fun watching live entertainment shows. Just lay back and relax or take a walk along the beach and experience the serenity of the place.

Sloppy Pelican

It is at some distance from the beach and can be reached by boat. You can dock the boat and go in for a drink or to just hang out with friends.  The food here is not the typical food usually found in bars; it is actually good quality food found in top notch hotels.

A plus factor with this hotel is that they cater to the younger crowd by offering “College Nights” on Wednesdays every week, which makes it quite popular among the younger generation.

St. Petes beach is a place where both locals and tourists alike can enjoy themselves and with infinite possibilities of fun things to do here, it comes as no surprise that this is one of best vacation sites in Florida.



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