How to Safely Find the Perfect Student Apartments With Pets in Tow

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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Perfect pet-friendly apartments at Auburn near campus may be hard to find, but they exist. Know what to look for in an apartment before signing the lease because you will be stuck with where you choose to stay until the year’s end.

Ideally Situated and Pet Friendly

Look for an apartment on the Tiger Transit line so that getting to campus will be a breeze. Also, you will want to be close to more than just school, so you need an apartment near plenty of recreational activities. Finally, not everywhere will allow you to bring your pet to school, so look for apartments that are pet friendly in particular.

A Word on Safety

Staying at school is an incredible time of fun, friendship, and study, but not everyone that lives near Auburn goes to school there. So, be sure that the people you meet belong in your life, and perhaps consider living in housing specifically for students.

Where To Find Choice Apartments

When you are looking for all this and more, look no further than the charming, pet-friendly apartments of Auburn at The Magnolia at Auburn, which you can check out at Not everywhere will offer everything you need in a place, like somewhere that does not allow pets, so it is wise to be judicious and not jump the gun when finding the perfect apartment for school.

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