Heating Oil Prices in Norwich, CT Are Offered at a Prepaid Fixed Price

Anyone who lives in the eastern part of the US knows that it gets downright glacial in the wintertime. That is why it is important to keep warm and cozy by using a company that offers economical oil delivery.

Therefore, if you are worried about heating oil prices in Norwich, CT, you do not need to do so, especially when you can sign on with a company that offers a price cap. A price cap safeguards a homeowner from escalations in oil prices during a heating season.

Choosing a Budget Plan

A price cap is a budget plan that lasts for ten months. When this plan is implemented, a customer’s heating oil prices are divided during the heating period. The cap is a homeowner’s assurance that a price will never go over the established cap during a contract term. For example, if the daily oil price is under the set cap price on a delivery date, the customer will pay the lower rate.

A Fixed Price Program

A customer can also opt for a fixed price that is prepaid. This type of payment plan establishes the price that is paid per gallon of fuel oil for the contract term – a term that runs from September 1 through June 1 of each year. Regardless of fluctuations in the market, Norwich heating oil prices are fixed using this program. That way, a customer knows ahead of time what his or her heating costs will be. The price remains fixed until the pre-bought gallons run out or the contract terminates.

Automatic Oil Delivery

Besides enjoying lower heating oil prices, customers can also enjoy the advantages of automatic oil delivery. This type of system permits an oil company to determine when oil deliveries need to be made. The system produces a fuel delivery ticket that tells the company when a customer’s next fuel delivery should be made. This ensures that the customer never runs out of fuel.