Get Legal Advice Before Beginning an Uncontested Divorce in Smithtown, NY

Divorce can be extremely expensive, especially when the separating couple is fighting over who can obtain what out of the marital assets and are trying to establish custody of the children. Although the most commonly seen type of divorce is one that involves multiple court dates, an Uncontested Divorce in Smithtown NY, occurs much more frequently. This type of divorce is easier for those who are involved and is far less expensive as it doesn’t entail many different court dates.

With an Uncontested Divorce in Smithtown NY, the first concern is often whether to hire a lawyer. Even if both people agree to the divorce and to the terms of the divorce, they may still want to hire a lawyer to ensure everything is legally sound and to write up all of the agreements. Each person will need to hire their own lawyer as one lawyer cannot represent both sides of a divorce. This would be considered a conflict of interest and is something that is simply not done.

The lawyers are going to review any agreements the couple may have already made and ensure everything is split fairly for both clients. The lawyers can work to negotiate an agreement if there is something neither person wants to give up. Then, the lawyers will draft the appropriate documents and review any documents from the other lawyer. Once all of the paperwork is written, agreed to, and signed, it can be filed with the courts. In most cases, this entire process is going to go quickly and smoothly if both people have already come to an agreement on the divorce. Visit here for more information.

To save money, frustration, and time in court, a professional uncontested divorce in Smithtown NY, is a viable alternative to traditional divorces. There may be no court hearings needed, and there’s significantly less fighting if the people can work together, with their attorneys, to come to an agreement on how everything should be split. If you’re considering a divorce and want to know if an uncontested divorce will be right in your situation, you can contact Mitchell M. Shapiro the DUI Attorney today. He’s well-versed in uncontested divorces and can help you with everything that happens once you decide to get a divorce.