Drain Cleaning as an Afterthought

Where is all the water coming from? Sewer and drain repairs are stressful and costly. Although we cannot survive without water, seeing it rushing through your walls along with the smell of raw sewage is an unforgettable event. The sewer line is the largest drain pipe in your home or commercial building. The drain pipe runs underground exiting the base of the structure; continuing under the front lawn; and connecting to the city sewer system. Or, the drain can be piped to an underground septic tank located on the property. Toilets, sinks all empty into the main drain pipe.

Rotten Egg Smell
How often do you think about your draining system? Drain cleaning is probably not part of your spring cleaning to-do list. Maintaining the system is made easy by securing a licensed commercial or residential drain and sewer company to perform routine maintenance. The industry continues to deploy new more efficient techniques to clear residential and commercial drainage systems. Indoor plumbing is a modern marvel. But when something impedes or blocks the drainage system, the wheels of progress come to a grinding halt.

Fix the Pipes
Why does a drainage system fail? Tree roots, sewage blockages or aging pipes are some of the culprits. When it comes to opening your wallet, residents and business owners are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the drain pipe that connects their building to the public sewer line. The farther the structure sits back from the public sewer line, the longer your drain pipe and that translates into greater financial exposure. In the past, locating the source of a blocked drain pipe required experts to excavate, espousing the pipe and generating mounds of dirt. Today, licensed technicians deploy camera technology to examine the inside of the pipe and locate the source of the leak or blockage before digging. This saves time, money and resources. It also ensures the problem is fixed the first-time.

Be Proactive
The pervasive smell, damage to property and personal effects due to a broken drain pipe only adds to the urgency to resolve the problem. Consider a maintenance contract for annual inspection and drain cleaning. Bloomington, MN has reputable drain and sewer cleaning companies that service residential, industrial and commercial facilities. You can call for emergency service or for a routine inspection of your drain pipe and septic tank.

Drain King, Inc. provides a cost effective plan to address a clogged drain line or an overflowing septic tank. Their licensed technicians use a camera system to identify the source and deploy the latest techniques to repair a drain line. For additional information, please visit Drainkinginc.com.