Should You Have Your Well Water Tested?

Most people love the taste of well water. It has a clean and fresh flavor which most public water systems cannot match. However, your well in Rutland or nearby Brooklyn WI can develop problems and you may not even know about them. Here is information from your local plumbing contractors about the importance of testing your water.

It is Your Responsibility

The EPA oversees public systems for drinking water, but they are not responsible for private water systems like wells. You have to make sure your water is safe to drink. This is why you should consider contacting a company close to your home like website. They can perform well inspections for you.

Many Things Can Make You Ill

When your plumbing services perform well inspections for New Glarus WI area homes, they test for a number of contaminants. For instance, they check for coliform bacteria, nitrates, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and water PH levels.

Coliform Bacteria

Coliforms are bacteria which live in your (and all mammals) digestive system, water systems, plants, and in the ground. Your plumbing professional tests the water for the total amount of these bacteria and specifically for fecal bacteria which come from human and animal waste. Fecal bacteria can cause many kinds of serious illness, including diarrhea, hepatitis, and dysentery.
If the total coliform bacteria count is high, you could have other germs in your water too.

Why Test the Water?

You should consider professional testing for the following reasons:

* Water problems in your area
* You worked on your well or well drain system lately
* Water tastes funny
* Change in water color
* Water smells odd
* Recent flooding or excavation near your well

For more information, go online and search for “water testing near me.” Your plumbing professionals are more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.