Why Do I Need Mastectomy Sports Bras?

Just because you’ve had mastectomy doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite sports and other athletic activities. Mastectomy Sports bras are designed to support a prosthesis if you have had a breast removed due to breast cancer. These bras have multiple advantages, and several brands of these types of bras are available to suit your unique taste.

Why a Mastectomy Sports Bra?
A mastectomy sports bra is essential for those who wish to remain active after breast surgery. These types of bras are designed to hold both regular breasts and prosthetic breasts in place while you are performing low-impact to high-impact exercises. It is important to consider a bra’s sizing and comfort level as well as its ability to remain in place while you are moving when you are deciding among different sports bras. The mastectomy bra needs to fit comfortably and snugly while allowing you to move smoothly. You can expect the sports bra to have a tighter fit than a normal bra would.

Size of the Bra
It’s worth noting that your bra size before your mastectomy will likely be different after your surgery. This is why it is beneficial to get fitted before you buy a mastectomy sports bra. It is most important that your bra fit your breast prosthesis effectively, but the bra should also be comfortable for your cup size and fit your body adequately as well. If you choose a bra that is too loose, it will not provide enough support to hold your prosthetic.

Brand Options
One of the most popular makes of mastectomy sports bras is LuisaLuisa, whose pocketed leisure and sports bra is made out of 100 percent nylon stretch and lace and is both comfortable and attractive. The Jodee “Active Cool Cotton” sports bra also stands out due to its ability to draw moisture away from your body. The straps can also easily be adjusted in the back, thus leading to less shoulder stress during athletic activities. Women who are battling breast cancer are naturally warriors, and the right sports bras can help them safely and comfortably keep fighting for their health long-term.

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