Design a Website that is Loved by Both the Search Engines & Users

SEO is the key ingredient to keep any company’s website flowing with incoming traffic, but most website owners either don’t understand it or don’t use it to its full potential, seeing their websites sinking to page 50 in the Google search results where nobody will ever see it. Business Name, an SEO company based in Ireland, provides professional web design and SEO services to all sorts of clients ranging from office suppliers to civil engineers, and can help your company too.

What is SEO?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, is used to make websites appear as high as possible in Google’s rankings. The goal is to make a website appear number one on Google’s front page for a popular search term. It is especially important to businesses as customers looking for a service are much more likely to click on a link on the first page of Google, and more frequently one of the first few sites listed. If a site isn’t SEO enhanced then customers will not find it and the company will lose business to a competitor.

Why an SEO company?

SEO is difficult to pin down as Google’s specifications change all the time to eliminate spam or sites that aren’t useful or no longer in use from the rankings. Torc stays ahead of these changes so that customers will always be on top of the latest Google updates and keep their websites in the spotlight where they should be.

Why Torc?

Torc is an award winning development and design company aimed at designing and building professional websites that are SEO enhanced in order to appear high up in Google’s rankings as soon as possible after launching. Not only will these websites be popular with Google, but with customers as well. Even if a website appears top of Google’s rankings, customers will still be turned away by a site that is difficult to navigate or unattractive. Torc’s services will not only reel customers in but keep them interested and returning. These services were the reason Torc was voted the number one development company in Ireland.

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