Creating a Small Coffee Area in Your Student Apartment in Chicago

Small cafes and coffee shops are growing increasingly popular as places to study or relax with friends. Though these can be a trendy area to unwind, the prices can wreak havoc on your budget. By spending a few dollars each day on drinks and snacks, you may be missing out a great chance to save. Instead of putting your hard-earned money into these spaces, you can create your own for a much lower cost. Continue reading below to learn how.

Get Permission

DePaul University off-campus housing does a great job of matching you with like-minded roommates. You have a great opportunity to work together to keep your apartment clean and build life-long relationships. Although a daily cup of joe may be a practice you enjoy, you roommates may not be interested in the same activity. Check with them before taking up kitchen counter space, so they will not feel you are being inconsiderate. Also, you can ask if there are treats they would like to see added like packets of tea, individually wrapped snacks, or fruit.

Set up

DePaul University off-campus housing comes with spacious, modern kitchens that are attractive and convenient. Clear off a small space on your kitchen counter and neatly arrange your coffee pot and utensils. You will need items close by like heat-resistant mugs, spoons, napkins, sugar, and creamer. If your items take up too much space on the counter, try a small cart instead.

Once you have your coffee area set up at DePaul University off-campus housing, invite friends and classmates over to enjoy it with you. Learn more at website of Ion Lincoln Park.