Choosing the right price for your house

Making sure your house is priced in the market is an art that only a well tuned in real estate agent has. When you want to sell a home in District Heights you do not want it overpriced, any home that has not moved within three weeks of listing can be considered stale and when interest wanes the options are limited. It may be better to price the house low because it will stimulate interest, often resulting in multiple offers which in turn can drive the price up to where it should be.

List price vs., sales price:

When you Sell A Home District Heights there are two prices, the price you list the home at and the price you sell the home at. The objective is to get these two prices as close together as possible. If the list price is too high for the circumstances, it will attract very few potential buyers, be realistic when setting the price.

Comparable with other homes:

Knowing the prices that other homes were listed at is not difficult; these figures are published in the ads that have been developed for the property. Knowing the prices that these homes sold for is a different thing, although, your real estate agent will be able to find out. When you are using other properties to help you set the price for your home, do not go back further than three months as the changes in the market can distort your thinking.

Unless your home is identical to a home that has recently sold, do not think that it will sell for the same amount. There are subtle differences that have an effect on the homes price; lot size is one, being on a corner is another.

When you are comparing homes it is not apples to apples. If the house you are using for reference has three bedrooms and yours has four, the difference in sales price may not be as great as you think. Having 25% more bedrooms does not mean the price of the home is 25% higher.

When you Sell A Home District Heights check the competition thoroughly, there will be homes on the market that buyers will compare your too. Don’t just look at the price; determine the price per square foot of floor space. The smaller the home, the less money it will command.

If you want to sell a home in District Heights and you want to sell it fast, call Charm City Property Solutions. They will give you an honest offer on your home and if you agree, it can be converted into cash in your pocket.