Accidents Attorneys in Valdosta, GA Represent Clients When Injury Symptoms Were Delayed

Accidents attorneys in Valdosta, GA are sometimes asked to represent a person who was injured in a collision but didn’t realize it for several days or even weeks. This can lead the at-fault driver’s insurance company to dispute the claim. The insurance company adjusters may believe the claimant was injured in some other way after the accident and is now trying to shift the blame to their policyholder.

A Progressively Worsening Problem

Some people make the mistake of not being evaluated by a doctor after an accident, even if they are experiencing pain. They might expect some discomfort, such as back or neck pain, but they may think it will dissipate over the next several days. Some people feel numbness or tingling in their arms along with shoulder pain, or pain in their legs as well as the lower back. Usually, instead of improving, the problem becomes progressively worse.

Whiplash symptoms may not develop for several days after the collision. A herniated disc might also produce initial pain that grows worse until the person finally accepts that the problem will not get better on its own.

The Insurer’s Stance

The insurance company may admit that the accident caused the injury, but may believe that the delay in seeking treatment actually worsened the condition. That can result in the adjusters making a lower settlement offer that will not be enough to cover all the expenses. The person may need to hire accidents attorneys in Valdosta, GA to convince the insurer to cover those costs. Additional medical documentation and statements from physicians may be required.

Post-Traumatic Stress

One of the more difficult claims to prove is post-traumatic stress related to the crash. If the individual hopes to receive compensation for debilitating psychological symptoms that develop later on, hiring a law firm such as Farrar, Hennesy and Tanner will almost certainly be necessary. If no serious physical injuries were caused by the collision, the insurance company is even more likely to be skeptical. The adjusters will expect verification from at least one psychiatrist or other mental health professional, and they may want further proof of this condition. Details on this particular organization can be found at

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