Discovery and Civil Litigation Attorneys in Louisiana

Individuals involved in a civil lawsuit will find certain steps must be taken before they can collect damages. First and foremost, it must be shown that the defendant is liable for these damages by a preponderance of the evidence. This means the evidence must be more likely true than false, and plaintiffs must present evidence that shows this is the case. For this reason, many individuals involved in a suit of this type turn to Civil Litigation Attorney Charlotte NC for assistance.

What techniques will be used by the attorneys to show liability?

Police reports or other formal reports, when available, will be used to prove the facts of a case. Any government reports may be requested if they apply to the case, and the attorney will ensure no reports are overlooked during the process. Any other documents related to the case may also be requested by an attorney during the discovery stage. The types of documents needed vary by case. Some may need a copy of a contract, yet others must collect medical records. The attorney determines which documents to ask for.

Affidavits provide witness testimony. The information is typed up on a document and the witness then signs it, stating the information in the document is truthful and accurate. This allows the witness to avoid doing a deposition or interrogatory, and the document is typically signed in front of a notary public.

Depositions, in contrast, are taken under oath and documented by a court reporter. The attorney asks questions that must be answered, in most cases, even when an objection is raised. All applicable rules must be followed during the taking of a deposition.

Interrogatories are similar to depositions, yet the questions are written rather than verbally provided. All questions must be answered under oath here also, and all answers must be truthful. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure dictate the number of interrogatories allowed in federal cases. In state cases, individual rules apply in accordance with state law.

Civil litigation attorneys in Charlotte NC take on these tasks for their clients, as they understand the laws and how they apply. If you find yourself in need of a civil litigation attorney, contact Conrad Trosch & Kemmy. This firm will be happy to assist in any way they can, including with the above-mentioned tasks.