Why Getting Estimates by Phone for Heating System Repair in Timonium MD Is Difficult

Homeowners trying to get estimates for heating system repair in Timonium MD by phone may become frustrated because they can’t receive a precise answer from anyone. These men and women must understand that heating and cooling technicians usually have to diagnose a problem in person. They hate to provide an estimate that turns out to be far too low.

Ignoring the Need for Maintenance

The need for Heating System Repair in Timonium MD often happens because the homeowners haven’t scheduled the annual inspection and tune-up for several years. Some heating contractors say that almost every problem that develops with a furnace can be traced to ignoring the need for maintenance. During that appointment, technicians find problems waiting to happen. They can make adjustments or replace parts, thus preventing a breakdown. Simply cleaning the equipment can prevent malfunctions with the blower motor, ignitors and other components.

Repair or Replacement

Without that annual maintenance, the furnace may need to be replaced much sooner than would otherwise be the case. Typically, technicians will make repairs on furnaces that are 15 years old or less without suggesting it’s time to think about replacement. The exception would be when the equipment has deteriorated because the owners skipped the annual tune-ups. This might be the current homeowner or someone who used to own the residence.

High and Low Estimates

When homeowners call for repair service, a technician might offer two estimates: one for the probable lowest cost and one for the probable highest cost. That still doesn’t provide sufficient information to the customer other than letting them know what the worst-case scenario might be. They might be told that the likely highest cost would be about $400, in which case they could at least be ready to pay that much when a technician arrives.

Emergency Service or Regular Business Hours

Another consideration is whether the repair service can be done during regular business hours, or whether it will require a technician to come to the home on a weekend or in the middle of the night. To get started on talking with a representative, the homeowners may call a company such as Saffer Plumbing & Heating. Browse our website to find contact details.