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by | Jun 10, 2011 | Bed And Breakfast Accommodation

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Are you planning to set up a bed and breakfast accommodation service? Excellent customer service coupled with hospitability is a pre-requisite if you want to maintain the steady flow of customers. In fact, good customer service forms the backbone of the hospitality industry. Several restaurants commit the mistake of advertising their hotels in a magnificent manner but fail to live up to the hype and expectations.

If you want to manage your bed and breakfast accommodation service in an efficient manner then you should ensure that the customers depart with a smile upon their face at the end of their stay. Following tips can help you immensely in running a bed and breakfast accommodation service.

Accommodation Service

Accommodation Service

Bed and Accommodation Tips

Most of the reservations take place on the telephone. Thus, it is essential that you appoint an individual who is polite in nature and knows how to converse with clients. Ensure that the person talks with the customers in a friendly manner. Most bed and accommodation services opt for the pre-recorded message method to service the customers. However, most consumers will not like this method of servicing the customers.

Deliver Efficient Services

As mentioned, do not forget to provide superior levels of service to the customers. Try to meet the promises made by you. For instance, if you make a promise of 50 percent discount on bread and breakfast accommodation service during the Christmas season then it is better that you live up to your promises.

Listen Intently

Never be rude to your guests and listen intently to whatever they have to say. Learn to take criticism with a pinch of salt and note down their complaints. You can instead treat their criticisms as a feedback mechanism and implement steps to improve your services. Similarly, ensure that you offer impeccable quality of service and assist the customers whenever they need any help.

The above mentioned tips will help you immensely in increasing the flow of customers.


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