Things to Watch Out for with Lots for Sale in Marble Falls

The idea of purchasing empty lots for sale in Marble Falls so you can build your dream home is great, but it doesn’t always happen as planned. If you are looking into purchasing any empty lots for sale to build on them, you want to watch out for a few things that might catch you off guard.

Loans Are Not Always Possible

When purchasing empty land, there is no guarantee you will qualify for a loan. Many people find that they are required to pay cash for vacant lots. The reason behind this is there is no building on the land that can be used as leverage to help secure the loan. The good news is once you purchase the land, getting a construction loan is a little easier because it’s for a structure that will add value to the plot.

Never Skip Environmental Tests

When purchasing lots for sale in Marble Falls, you don’t ever want to skip environmental tests. Think of these tests as a home inspection or other research done on a home for sale. These tests are necessary because they inform you what kind of land you are buying and whether it is safe to build on. These tests also help determine the area’s potential for any sort of flooding or other issues.

Not All Lots Can Be Rezoned

Governing bodies in the area will have all kinds of rules, regulations, and laws in place for building in their area. What the lot is currently zoned for determines what you are allowed to build on it. In some cases, you can go before the local planning commission to petition for a zoning change, but those are not always granted.

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