The Three Things You’ll Love the Most About Living Off of Campus

Are you considering moving out of the dorms next semester into an apartment or house with some roommates? It is highly recommended. Moving into your own place is one of the core experiences during college that helps you develop into a mature adult. There are plenty of pet-friendly apartments near FSU you can choose from next year. Here are three reasons you should move out of the dorms.

Cost – It’s actually much cheaper to live in an apartment. You may be surprised at just how much the cost of room and board is at college when you look at your annual bill. Add to that the mandatory meal plan you have to purchase, and the costs really start to tally up. You will save a lot of money when you move into one of the pet-friendly apartments near FSU.

Privacy – Dorms are great because they are your first experience with independence from your parents in most instances. The one thing they aren’t good for is privacy. Generally, you don’t have your own room, and you are usually sharing a bathroom with dozens of people.

Focus – When you have your own private living space, it’s much easier to focus on your studies. Many students see a spike in their GPA when they make a move out of the dorms and into a student apartment. Redpoint West Tenn has a variety of living options for you.

These three reasons should be more than enough to inspire you to move out of the dorms next year. Learn more by reading about them on their website at