Call Spokane Pro Care For The Best Lawn On The Block

Many purchase a home and assume they’ll enjoy spending weekends working in the yard. They envision taking care of a well manicured, weed-free yard, full of beautiful flowers and trees. For some with a green thumb this may ring true, but for many, yard work is hard, hot work and it takes up time that they’d rather spend with family and friends. Additionally, though most people can manage to cut the grass in a straight line, weed eating, edging, and trimming, along with fertilization and pest control is past the expertise of many homeowner’s. For them, hiring a company such as Spokane Pro Care to take care of the lawn maintenance and all that it entails is a much better choice.

When speaking to a lawn care specialist initially to set up the landscape maintenance, it’s important that the homeowner make sure to communicate exactly what maintenance they expect to have performed. For some, just the regular mowing, weed eating and trimming is adequate. These homeowners may enjoy gardening and weeding their own flower beds and trimming their bushes, but don’t enjoy the weekly task of cutting the grass. Others prefer that the landscape company handle the complete maintenance of the yard. These homeowners expect that the grass be cut, weed eating, edging and trimming be done, along with manually weeding the planter beds, and trimming the bushes and trees.

Though it’s nice to have beautifully green and healthy grass, it usually doesn’t happen on it’s own. Fertilization should be done at at certain times of year with a specified mixture of fertilizer. This is usually based on the season and type of turf being fertilized. Likewise, pests can destroy a lawn practically overnight. If the lawn has become infiltrated by pests, it’s important to know just what type of insect it is, so that the lawn is treated promptly before too much damage is done. Hiring a lawn care specialist will ensure your lawn is taken care of correctly and stays as healthy as possible.

When there isn’t enough time for lawn care and fun, let the pros at Spokane Pro Care handle the work to keep the yard looking good. That way there is more time for relaxation and play.