Adding Borders Around Fruit Trees And Other Landscaping Services In Oshkosh WI

If fruit trees were recently planted on a residential piece of property, a layer of mulch and border that is installed around each one will prevent weeds from growing and will add beauty to an outdoor area. The following steps describe how to complete a basic landscaping project with some inexpensive materials.


  • rake

  • ground marking paint

  • measuring tape

  • paving stones

  • water hose

  • bag of mulch

  • shovel

Clearing Property And Installing Borders

A rake can be used to collect rocks, sticks, leaves and other types of yard debris that are next to each tree. A measuring tape should be lined up across the ground before applying ground marking paint to the areas where borders will be installed. Paving stones need to be laid out next to each other, placing an even amount of space between each one.

Stones should be pressed firmly into the ground until all of them are stable. If some of the stones will not remain in place, a small shovel can be used to dig a shallow trench before adding stones to each border. Stones that are various colors or that contain unique textures will add depth to a piece of property and will attract attention.

Watering Trees And Adding Mulch

Water should be sprayed around the base of each tree until the soil is moist. A shovel can be used to add mulch to the middle of each border. Raking the mulch across the center of each border will spread out the material so that it is an even thickness. Mulch will help soil retain moisture and will prevent weeds or grass from growing next to each tree. Mulch will last for months and can be spread out with a rake when needed in order to maintain the appearance of each border.

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