Why Every Homeowner Should Consider Adding Unilock Pavers in Hartford, CT To Their Outdoor Hardscape

When a homeowner hardscapes around their home, it serves two purposes. First, it adds a sense of beauty and flair to the landscaping around the home. In addition, it helps to ensure that anyone moving around in the outdoor space surrounding the home can do so without concern. Although some homeowners may not give much thought to the materials used to accomplish this goal, it’s important to know that Unilock pavers are one of the easiest and best ways to create beautiful and functional hardscapes. Here’s a brief rundown of the reasons why this is the case.

  • When it comes to any land or hardscaping elements, one of the main concerns that homeowners have been how much maintenance that element requires. Busy homeowners and those on a limited budget will be happy to know that

  • Unilock Pavers in Hartford CT, require little to no regular maintenance. Because permeable pavers are placed in an interlocking design, all that has to be done to repair damages is to remove the problematic paver and replace it with a new one.

  • Those homeowners who have young children or older adults living with them will love the fact that permeable Unilock pavers can help make the outside of their home safer. While dirt and mold can build up on concrete and asphalt and make these surfaces slippery when wet, this isn’t the case with Unilock pavers. This is because permeable pavers are absorbent. The fact that they don’t allow moisture to stay on the surface makes pavers less slippery in wet areas.

  • Unilock Pavers in Hartford CT can help homeowners create hardscapes that are quite durable. These pavers work very well in areas around the home that have lots of foot traffic because they are strong enough to stand up to significant pressure day after day. The longevity of permeable pavers helps homeowners ensure that they will be able to keep their money in their pocket instead of prematurely repairing or replacing their hardscape materials.

Hardscape design is one of the most important considerations homeowners will have. For that reason, it’s vital to choose materials that work well. Call the expert landscapers at Dunning Sand & Gravel to get additional information about how Unilock pavers can help homeowners design hardscapes that are the perfect mix of beauty and function.