What to Expect from a Bail Agent in Cleburne, Texas

In Texas, criminal defendants can get out of jail by posting bail or purchasing a bail bond. Bail bonds offer a more affordable solution for defendants who don’t have the money to pay their bail. A bail agent in Cleburne, Texas offers several different bail bonds at affordable rates.

Collecting the Defendant’s Details

The representative for the defendant must obtain specific details before approaching a bail bondsman. The bonding agent needs the defendant’s full name, booking number, date of birth, and the name of the jail. This information is vital to ensure the bail bondsman helps the correct defendant.

How Much Is the Bail Bond?

The bail bond fee is calculated according to the total bail amount. Bail bondsmen charge a fee that ranges between ten and fourteen percent that can be paid with cash, a check, or a credit card. After the payment is received, the bail bondsman starts the process.

What Collateral Is Acceptable?

If the representative doesn’t have the money, the bail bondsman may accept some collateral instead. The collateral must have an appraised value that is equal to or more than the total bail. Bonding agents accept real estate properties, automobiles, and other valuables. Some financial accounts, such as savings, CDs, and bonds are accepted instead of cash payments. The representative must present proof of ownership to the bonding agents.

What Are the Defendant’s Obligations?

The defendant must fulfill their obligations to the bonding agent. The term of the release explains what the defendant must do to stay out of jail. The defendant must arrive at court on time on the day of their appearance. If the defendant doesn’t show up, the judge signs a bench warrant.

In Texas, criminal defendants purchase bail bonds to get out of the county jail. Bail bonds are available for a portion of the bail. The standard fees range between ten and fourteen percent. The representative who assists the defendant must provide a cash payment or collateral to secure the bail bond. Criminal defendants who want to hire a bail agent in Cleburne, Texas are encouraged to contact Rogers’ Bail Bonds for further details now.