What to Expect During Swimming Summer Camp in Tucson AZ

Children can begin to swim at a young age, but many are not ready to do so without proper instruction. A swimming summer camp assists young kids with swimming lessons and getting them comfortable in the water. A Summer Camp in Tucson AZ provides everything a parent needs to help their child learn to swim. Here’s what to expect during the camp lessons.

Positive Reinforcement Through Songs

Children as young as 6 months old can begin to learn to swim with the help of their parents and an instructor. They will receive positive reinforcement through the use of fun songs. These songs will talk about swimming and water, as well as safety, and help kids understand that the water is fine to be in, yet still requires some rules.

Two Locations

There are two separate locations where these lessons can take place. It is up to the parents to decide where the lessons should be held. There is an outdoor pool that is available during the warmer months, typically from April to October. A second location is an available year-round, as it is an indoor pool.

Two Lessons a Week for 4 Weeks

Multiple lessons are necessary to ensure children are fully capable of swimming and managing breath control. Two lessons will need to be completed each week. This is done either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. The lessons continue for 4 weeks. Each session is only a half hour, so it will not take up much time.

$40 Fee

A fee needs to be paid in order the lessons to be booked. A $40 fee is all that is needed, however. This fee covers all lessons within the month. Once the month is up, and the lessons are completed, each child should now be an experienced swimmer, and each parent will know what it takes to help their children swim with confidence.

A Swimming Summer Camp in Tucson AZ provides all the instruction children need to become decent swimmers. Parents and tots get to complete the camp together, so moms and dads are fully aware of how to help their children in the water. Discover more info here to see if this summer camp is appropriate for you and your child.