We Buy Houses in Los Angeles: A Primer on Quick, Easy Cash House Buyers

An online keyword search for “cash house buyers” yields dozens of listings that boast “We buy houses in Los Angeles.” It sounds too good to be true, yet the fine print confirms exactly how convenient, hassle-free and fast it is for anyone to sell any house and get a great cash offer in record time.

Taking the First Step

Initiating the sales process is easy as pie. Cash house buyers accept cold phone calls or house info submitted via online interface. The buyer uses the initial phone call to review details about the house for sale, set up an appointment to meet the owner and see the house up close.

The Cash Offer

Buyers typically make a cash offer soon after seeing the house in question, usually on the spot. The offer is generally fair and competitive, taking several crucial factors into consideration: the home’s condition, necessary repairs, location, neighborhood amenities and the house’s overall sellability.

The Choice of a Closing Date

Having received cash for their house, the owner is in no rush to vacate. Most buyers give the owner the option of choosing a closing date, giving the owner time to tie up loose ends, pack, hire a moving company and host a last-minute garage sale.

Closing always transpires via a licensed, reputable, local title company. During the course of the sale, the owner’s house never gets listed. There are no expensive lawyer’s fees, paperwork filing fees or real estate agent’s commissions.

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