Uses for a 20′ Cube Truck

Making a major move can be a time-consuming hassle without the proper transportation. Several trips back and forth are needed, there is an excessive amount of packing and unpacking, and the gas cost can be high. Whether moving from one home to another or one business location to another, spending a lot of time and energy on the project can get tiring, result in a higher risk of injury, and make a move more stressful than it has to be. Hiring professional movers for large items and several rooms of belongings takes less time and hassle, but is expensive. There is a way to save money and move efficiently in one trip.

Renting a 20′ Cube Truck is the ideal solution. Everything can be moved in one trip which saves time, money, and sanity. Gather some friends, rent the truck for a single day, and get the move completed in one shot. Once items are in the new location, unpacking can be done little by little with no rush. Moving an office, retail store, or any other business to a new location is also faster and easier with a rental truck. The 20′ size has a cargo lift with a capacity of two-thousand and five-hundred pounds, and a freight weight limit of five-thousand pounds. Driving the truck does not require a commercial driver’s license, and it is safe and easy to handle. Rental terms include a single day rate, a daily rate for more than one day, a weekly rate, and a monthly rate. Those interested can go to website for full details and rates and mileage allowances.

The space of a 20′ Cube Truck is also the perfect solution for setting up seasonal stores or stands, use as a production vehicle, or to transport items and equipment needed for an off-premises project. Community centers can utilize the truck when holding a special event in the middle of town. A festival, family fun day, medical screening event, or a fundraiser requires a significant amount of tables, chairs, booths, displays, and decorations. Bringing it all in one trip and packing it up quickly after the event provides more time for participants to enjoy the day. It may also cut down on the number of volunteers needed for the event. A 14′ cube truck is also available for smaller needs. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!