Typical Problems with Inkjet Printers in Kansas City, MO and their Solutions

Just a few decades ago, printers were items often only found in schools, offices and public libraries. Needing to print a document or picture meant loading up and taking a road trip to the nearest locale with a printer available for public use; of course, having cash on hand to pay for such a service was also a necessity. These days, they’re much more commonplace, and Inkjet Printers in Kansas City MO are among the most popular models. Though their more ready availability has brought about an entirely new level of convenience, they have a way of causing problems as well.

Clogged Ink Dispensers

Inkjet printers work by distributing tiny droplets of ink onto paper in an orderly and methodical manner. If even one of the jets tasked with sending out the ink is clogged, it’ll be clearly evident on the photo or document being printed. Cleaning the print head often resolves this issue, and this can be done by dipping a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently scrubbing the print head with it.

Loose Print Head Ribbons

Ages ago, typewriters were equipped with ribbons of ink. Hitting a key propelled an arm bearing a letter or symbol onto the ribbon. In turn, the ribbon struck the paper and left behind its imprint. Technology has changed a great deal, but modern-day printers have variations of those ribbons connected to their print heads. These ribbons are the wide, flat bands attached to the print head itself, and they transmit printing instructions. If your printer isn’t doing its job correctly, fixing it may be as simple as making sure the ribbon is securely connected to its print head.


Dust can collect on even highly used appliances, tools and devices. In the case of inkjet printers in Kansas City MO, this is a particularly problematic development. Dust can come from the outside world as well as the paper being used in the printer, and it’s notorious for invading all those vital components that make the device work properly. Rubbing alcohol may do the trick here, and canned compressed air is often helpful, too.

In many cases, resolving printer issues isn’t quite as simple as these DIY alternatives. Problems are often complex and internal situations best left to the professionals. If you’re experiencing a printer malfunction, feel free to Visit Us for help.