Two Common Types of Slab Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

Homes that don’t use basement walls for the foundation have what is known as a slab foundation. Typically made out of concrete, this is a very durable foundation for the home. However, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of problems arising with the foundation. Excess moisture in the soil, on which the foundation was placed, can cause the foundation to sag or shift. This can cause significant structural issues with the home. In these cases, Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX may be required.

Because of the amount of rain an area like Houston, Texas gets, problems with slab foundations aren’t uncommon. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which to deal with a foundation that has begun to dip or shift. The first method is by installing piers through the foundation and into the soil beneath. These pillings also have supportive apparatuses and embedded hydraulic lifts within the piers. Once the pilings have been inserted, the hydraulic lifts can raise a sagging foundation. Not only does this help even out a sagging foundation, but the piers also give the foundation the continued support it needs to remain level.

The next common method of Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX is known as slab jacking. When the foundation has begun to dip, or even if the foundation has shifted to where it has broken off, slab jacking can be very effective in repairing the foundation. Slab jacking requires holes be drilled into the foundation where hoses can be placed. From there, a grout mixture is pumped underneath the foundation, particularly where the soil has eroded. This helps float the foundation back to a level position. The grout then hardens fortifying the foundation and any areas where access was drilled into to get below the slab will then be repaired.

Even slab foundations that have been seriously compromised can be repaired through pilling or slabjacking. However, to know which type of repair work is best suited for your home, it’s important to call a foundation repair expert. If you suspect you’re having problems with your foundation, these are the people that talk to. They can determine the problem and figure out the right way to fix it. This will keep your home structurally intact and keep your foundation secure for many years to come. You can Discover more info here.