Top Reasons Why Military Families Rent Homes Instead of Living on a VA Base

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Real Estate

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Top Reasons Why Military Families Rent Homes Instead of Living on a VA Base

It may seem odd that a family would prefer to live in a rented home that is offsite versus just staying on base, but there are actually many great reasons why a family chooses military officers housing Virginia Beach over other options.

Work/Life Balance

While living right on the base that you’re serving at may seem very convenient, it also offers no separation between your work and personal life. Many families choose to live off base because once their work hours are over, they can leave the base and come back to a house that truly feels like a “home.”

Don’t Want To Wait

Most times there is a waitlist to get into an on-base apartment or house. If a family wants to unpack and get into their daily routine as fast as possible, they probably do not want to wait to reach the top of the list. In these cases, they will choose to simply look for a house that is not on the military base.

Not Worth The BAH

Every military family gets a monthly sum of money known as a BAH, or Base Allowance for Housing, that they can use to pay for an apartment or house either on the base of it. However, since on-base housing is typically outdated and rather small by modern standards, families often feel like they can get more for their money by choosing to live in military officers housing Virginia Beach. For more information, please visit Boardwalk Realty & Development.

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