Tips For Getting The Right SMPS Inductor

The most important aspect of an SMPS or switch-mode power supply is that it can be used to convert electrical power, such as a mains power supply, to a power source that can be used by a piece of equipment that utilizes a different power type including voltage and current. An SMPS inductor is actually an energy storage device that is used to store the extra energy when the switch is on and utilizing it throughout the cycle.

The idea behind the SMPS inductor is relatively simple. The electrical current coming into the component will be alternating and direct current. The alternating current (AC) is at a very high frequency, and it can be not just blocked, as you would find with a choke, but it can be utilized, which is where the inductor comes into play.

To determine the SMPS inductor you require for a specific system and switching regulator, it is important to take several things into consideration. You will need to know what you need the component to do, the load the system will be under, and a variety of other factors.


The process of choosing an SMPS inductor starts with calculating just what you need. You will need to know, at the very minimum, the following:

* What the maximum potential input voltage will be

* The switching frequency within the system

* The output voltage to be maintained

* The duty cycle

With an understanding of what the system will be running, it is possible to effectively select the right model, design, and component for your project. In many cases, this information will be readily available through determining what inductors are used in identical applications and operations.

Actual Design

There are many new types of SMPS inductor options out there, and one variable to consider is the actual core. In many designs the core will be soft ferrite, and this works well for most common applications.

New or specialized types of cores can also include powdered metals, with are seen as superior to soft ferrite in many applications, as well as the possibility of laminated cores or stripwound cores.

When comparing different designs for specific applications and uses it will be essential to do research on the options available in the inducers that meet your criteria. One important consideration is the DC loss through the system, which will be important in highly sensitive operations utilizing any type of SMPS inductor.