Three Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home for Cash in Portland

Are you considering selling your home in Portland and want to have the process finished quickly? Are you already dreading dealing with the fees and wait times that are come with working with real estate agents? Perhaps you should consider instead selling to people who buy houses in Portland and pay with cash.

Reduction in Selling Time

Real estate investors and other people who buy houses in Portland for cash do not want to wait a long time to have your house in their possession. Dealing with them will result in sales that are much quicker than ones that go through a real estate agent.

Since the sale will be quicker, you will spend less time pay property taxes or a mortgage if you still owe one.

Less Need to Make Repairs

When you sell through a traditional real estate agent, they will typically pressure you to make sure that your home looks its very best. That means you will need to make the curb look perfect and repair every single leak and crack. It is common to spend tens of thousands of dollars to sell the home.

When you sell to a real estate investor, they will be buying the home as is. You will not have to spend all of the additional money to make the house fit the real estate agent’s specifications.

No Fees

When you sell to a housing investor, you will not be responsible for closing costs or any additional fees. While the investor may offer you less money than a real estate agent might think your house is worth, you will also be paying less out of pocket when you sell your home for cash to an investor.

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