Take Your Friend to an Animal Hospital in Chicago that Cares

Your pet is a part of your family. He or she is a loyal and loving companion that never judges you and is always there after a hard day at work. Like a curious child, however, your pet can get into some precarious situations or trouble. For example, that new TV remote you just bought could look like the best chew toy in the world to your new puppy. Once you remove the chewed-up remote from his sharp little teeth, you realize it’s missing a battery or two. Time for a visit to your local veterinarian!

Dogs Swallow the Strangest Things

There have been many reports of dogs swallowing batteries, toys, coins, spoons, and other completely inedible items they found lying about and decided to play with. Left untreated, this can be extremely dangerous for your four-legged friend. However, with attention from an animal hospital in Chicago, you can soon have Fido on his way to recovery. After an initial exam of your pet by the veterinarian and some questions asked of you, it’s time for a digital X-ray to see what’s inside. Ingested items can quickly and easily be identified in the clear digital images produced by the radiograph which will give the veterinarian a definite idea of what they are dealing with. Once it’s clear what may be inside, your veterinarian can decide on a plan of action which could include surgery or just waiting to let the object pass on its own.

Additional Ailments can be Discovered

In addition to finding those lost batteries from your TV remote control, an X-ray exam can provide clear views of various areas of the animals’ body. This can include abdominal scans to view certain organs and bone structures, spinal and chest scans to check for broken bones or tumors, and even dental scans to find missing or broken teeth or jaw degeneration. Completely pain-free, X-rays can discover and examine tumors, show the veterinarian the size and shape of organs, and even help diagnose certain muscle disorders. Some of the benefits to an X-ray is that the procedure is completely non-invasive, quick and quiet. Animals that are timid, stressed, or in pain can get the attention they need with very little additional stress added. And since animals rarely need to be under anesthesia when x-rayed, even senior animals or those with anesthetic allergies can receive their scans without any additional risks.

If your pet is in need of an X-ray or other medical treatment, be sure to take him to Metropolitan Veterinary Center, an animal hospital in Chicago with extended daily hours! Visit website for more details.