Residential Locksmith Services in Oklahoma City OK Include Door Lock Repairs and Installations

While many people call a locksmith when they get locked out of their house or car, others use the services of a locksmith when they need to re-key a lock or install a new one. To make sure your property is safe and secure, you sometimes need to install a new lock or have one rekeyed. Many people are unsure about which measure to take.

Rekeying a Lock

When you contact residential locksmith services in Oklahoma City OK to rekey a lock, the locksmith will remove the lock cylinder springs and pins and replace them with new springs and pins. These new components will work differently and, therefore, require a different key. If your lock is not operating properly, it is often better to have the lock rekeyed.

Maintaining Key Control

The most common reason given for calling out residential locksmith services for rekeying a lock is to maintain a high level of security and maintain control of the keys. This security is required if there is a change of possession at a property. Once a key is given to another person, your security level is compromised. If you are taking possession of a new house, it is better to have the locks rekeyed to be on the safe side.

Do You Live in a Single-builder Community?

If you live in a single-builder community, the locks are master-keyed during construction. While a homeowner’s key may void the use of a contractor’s key, you should still have a specialist in residential locksmith services rekey the lock. You should also have the service performed if you are going through a divorce and do not want a former spouse entering the property.

Rekeying Is Often a Better Alternative

By having a lock rekeyed, a locksmith can assess the condition of the lock. Many issues with a lock can be corrected by rekeying it. Locks are normally lubricated when they are re-keyed, which also causes them to operate better.

Where to Find Out More Information Online

You can find out more about rekeying by visiting a locksmith services site online, such as visit us website. It is always handy to know a reputable locksmith in your community.