Renting vacation homes – a perfect solution over hotels

Vacation Homes

Vacation Homes

Are you tired and stressed out with your daily hectic work schedules? Do you want to enjoy, chill and relax in peace? If yes then renting a vacation home is probably the best available option. There are a few lucky people who already own a vacation home.

A vacation home is the perfect place for enjoying those long summer holidays. It is also a place to relax quietly away from your hectic city life. It can also help to make your holidays more memorable. When on a vacation, your choice of accommodation plays a major role in contributing to a memorable holiday. Staying in a vacation home is a far better option compared to a hotel room.

3 tips to choose the best vacation home:


Choice and size:

Often, hotel rooms are available as family rooms, single rooms and double rooms. They vary in sizes from 400-800 square feet. On the other hand, vacation homes range from 7 bedrooms with 5 baths, 6 bedrooms with 4 baths, 5 bedrooms with 4 Baths, 4 bedrooms with 3 baths and 3 bedrooms with 2 baths. The sizes of vacation homes range from 1600 square feet to 5000 square feet. Thus, the choice and size of a vacation home will provide you with a much better range customized towards your family size.

Cooking facilities:

While most hotel rooms have small fridges, microwaves, toasters, 2 sets of mugs, spoons and plates, they do not have any kitchen facilities. This is when vacation homes offer an additional advantage. Vacation homes come fully equipped with a kitchen (cooker, oven, microwave, large fridge with freezer, dishwasher, complete range of plates and knifes). Moreover, vacation homes will also have dining and breakfast tables.

Private spas and swimming pool:

Usually, hotels have a common swimming pool with limited time of usage. On the other hand, vacation homes have private spas and swimming pools where you can enjoy anytime and without any restrictions.

So, if you are planning out for a vacation, staying in a vacation home is a better alternative compared to hotels.